20 July 2009

Novelty in advertising

Over the weekend, I noticed a television commercial by automaker BMW. It was brief, featured a video montage of an automobile creating a painting on a canvas the size of an ice hockey rink, and faded to white with a website address: http://www.expressionofjoy.com.

I have never seen an automobile create a painting of any size and I was intrigued by both the novelty of this campaign as well as the combination of movement and color in the painting itself. The website is equally gratifying, inviting visitors to linger over sections of the painting and explore the implanted video clips, each one providing additional clues to the methods employed in producing this amazing work of art and share in the collective excitement of those directly involved with the art project.

The manner in which my brain is wired causes me to give this campaign far more consideration than perhaps the average television viewer. Is the intent to sell cars to art lovers? I think not. I believe the intent is to engage audience fascination through an innovative multi-media communications concept that is bigger than the brand itself, and consequently, bestow credit to the collaborating partner (BMW) in terms of favorable opinion.

My sincere congratulations to the creative group that assembled the advertising campaign and developed the artistic project concept – I believe it was flawlessly executed. If I was in a position to select an automobile in the BMW competing class, I would definitely be favorably disposed toward BMW.

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