30 May 2013


CGA emailed note 82212 requested visit two weeks regarding co-clinical trials program gift met with   prior spring BOV meeting introduced one leaders co-clinical trial program met Panera Bread loves MDACC continues support spends playing tennis being Mom mother law moving hoping have  opportunity get event which discussed  would good contact should we put together event some kind area We promised stay touch met Nuclear Medicine clinic said that wife met laundry mat soon after bought own washer dryer so meet anyone immigrated from Budipest after father imprisoned beaten death communist oppressors 1950 grandfather began business called  arts retired sales executive thyroid removed several years ago here 3 month check-up invited come home when request joined husband lunch Rotary House here appointments Spring BOV meeting During lunch mentioned would like IRAs maturing end month set up annuities know would touch assist setting up mentioned since Intellectual Property Technology BOV Committee longer existence needs join another BOV Committee asked recommendation told bit about recent Development Committee meeting seemed interested materials meeting asked information other committees available said mail him all information During lunch mentioned most likely returning depending outcome appointment tomorrow Because appointment need leave BOV meeting early Austin  presented cause-related marketing idea MDACC Team MD Anderson Speedway GrandPrix Houston event utilize entire track marketing piece cause component opportunity  GrandPrix sell flags prior event MDACC logo artwork opportunity people personalize hung around track event utilize entire 17 mile track fill flags suggested sell flags higher level flag signed Indy Car Winner framed sent purchaser following race Additionally MDACC use celebrity Go-Kart race fundraising event Teams sell each ride track race celebrity forecasted net revenue contributions both initiatives discuss development production website podcast unable participate meeting provided feedback suggestions website change font standardized font adjust homepage layout consider starting will contact requesting three dates film take approximately 30 40 minutes sent outline questions proposed script received input interviewed content within couple hours cost vacation week assist coordinating podcast efforts during met office discussed work criminal defense attorney retired state age 50 children 1 son college Trinity 1 son high school daughter previous marriage positive experience Austin Texas Oncology positive experience MDACC gift annual fund Interest cancer believe remain annual fund donor donor Outcome not donor Follow up add conquest promise mailing list send handwritten note thanks visited husband clinic today behalf visit delightful couple terrific sense humor positive attitude cancer second marriage first husband passed away  4 children 8 grandchildren discussed challenges cancer including point where hardly breathe because tumor pressing against lung  through one round chemo used alternative therapies such acupuncture mushrooms done well treatments breathe well now  MD Anderson second opinion trip planned summer Amalfi Coast Italy whole family going invited house lake next come gave business card signed HIPAA form client advocate stopped hello Next step Visit next clinic appointment South Carolina joined Bill lunch discussed 2 sons already school SMU one passion MD Anderson willingness serve ambassadors potentially host future event things met coffee introductory visit  discussed husband passing cancer 3 year anniversary somewhat positive experience MDACC frustration long waits appointments 2 kids living Houston previous position Press Secretary Deputy Chief Staff Governor Perry vineyard California moon shot program CPRIT strong opinions support MDACC feel good very connected would good resource cultivated feel probably not philanthropically minded because comment made regarding husband view philanthropy Follow up asked investigate whether tissue sent over sister in law children handwritten thank you note

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