14 May 2010


There is a rhythm to our lives. Activities, relationships, interests. These things seem to emerge and we fold them into our lives. And then, sometimes, they fade. The strength of the relationship diminishes, and acknowledging this, we allow the cycle to continue, unfolding that part of our life as needed. Other interests, previously dormant, seem to emerge. Other activities surface that need our attention. We refold again and again.

And so it is with this blog. While I have found it an outlet for an enormous amount of creative energy, the natural rhythm of writing has ceased for now. It may begin again at some time, but I prefer to follow my inspiration in the other directions where my creativity continues to blossom.

Thank you for sharing this little part of my life and for offering so much inspiration through your photos, essays, poems and stories.


  1. I understand. Sometimes we have to let go for aw hile to pursue other things. (I have a project myself that I will never complete if I don't let up somewhere!)I hope you'll come around now and then. going to miss your daily inspirations. go live and be happy but please visit when you have time.

  2. I don't understand and would feel very sad if you disappeared right now after only just finding you....:(
    But, I do understand a break.....

  3. I'll definitely miss you but I understand completely. Not sure how much longer I'll be doing this...
    Take care! xo

  4. In my neck of the woods, it is called 'life gets to busy'. This isn't something that can be forced it has to flow. I trust it will flow again in your direction, someday.........will be waiting in the wings to find out.

  5. I totally understand and respect your decision to follow where your creativity is directing you.


    However, I will miss your wonderful posts. I know I only just met you, but your writing immediately drew me in and made me want to read more.

    Sometimes we meet people who we feel a connection to, and you are one of those people, Diane.

    You're a very gifted writer, so I hope you'll one day return. Please come around now and then when you have the time.

    The BEST to, dear lady! Enjoy your Summer!


  6. I'm happy to know that you are following your inspiration, and I agree with the rhythm thing. And of course I'm sad too. Have fun and enjoy your new projects!
    I like the way you wrote this post. (Just had to say that) :)

  7. I love this. And hate this, as I will miss you. I've felt this too. I couldn't blog all last week, and why would I force myself to do it? Thinking about giving it up for a while. I hope we can keep in touch, Diane. I've loved reading your thoughts and life adventures. What a special person you are. So happy to know you are out there, infusing your love on the planet!

  8. Hi Diane!

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I received your comment last night and responded to it, however something is up with Blogger's commenting system because it won't publish comments. I noticed today that other bloggers are having the same problem.

    So, thank you for dropping by my blog. Sorry about the mess up. Hopefully they'll be fixing this issue.

    Have a great day!

  9. As you already know, I totally feel ya! I've felt guilty here and there for not being consistent on my blog but if you have to force it, then it becomes tedious and that will stifle creativity. When and if the rhythm brings you back....great! If not, I hope we can keep in touch in some way. I would love to invite you and your partner to my show when I get my series completed. It's been awesome getting to peek into your life. Thank you for sharing!

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  11. Indeed its a great place to yell, scream and let out your emotions to strangers who have no motive at all but to listen =)