16 June 2010

Language of love

In ten days I will recite a vow and make a heart-felt promise to my beloved Cristy, witnessed by the members of our family and our closest friends. I will vow to travel the journey of my life with her, seeking that path and finding our way together. These words, our promises, will communicate the strong sense of love that we share and cherish.

Planning for this wedding has been an interesting project and as we get closer to the date, the activities we are involved with on a near-daily basis are steeped in minutae.

The wedding will be in our home, and we are transforming it from an already lovely residence into something even softer and sweeter. Swirling with pretty paper heart garlands and shining candle lanterns. Sprinkled with dozens of simple bouquets of flowers and greenery. In every way, the layers of detail that will form the backdrop for our wedding are an expression of who we are. These elements too, will communicate, more subtly, the gentle tenderness with which we move through our days and nights.

This combination of words and personal expression is indeed, the language of our love.


  1. So happy for you that the big day is almost here. I know it will be just lovely. I adore that you guys are putting so much of yourself into the preparations. It will make it all the more special.

  2. Hi Diane!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to read your blog. I was so happy to receive your invitation email today!

    I am sooooo excited for you and Cristy! I got all teary-eyed reading this post. It sounds wonderful! The flowers are so beautiful.I wish I could be there with you to celebrate your special day.

    Please keep us posted, ok?


  3. A wedding? How lovely! Thank you so much for the invite to the blog, and even better, I come here to find such wonderful news. Congratulations and best wishes, I'm very happy for you both.

    A nice bit o' sunshine :)

    Irish Gumbo

  4. It sounds so wonderful, I can't wait to see the photos. Thanks for inviting me! I pray everything goes just as you have planned.

  5. I must have not signed in... "guest" is vicky from Room Service...

  6. thank you for your sweet wishes. The process has been mostly fun. Very time consuming, but fun. And along the way I've collected one or two ideas for more permanent

  7. Thank you Ron! I do have to admit though that I'm very tempted to steal some rose blossoms from my neighbor's garden. I won't, but I am tempted.

  8. Thank you so much IG. It is very nice collecting all this positive energy from the Internet. I think we just send it back and forth to each other, but that's kind of the way it is in real life too. Take care!

  9. Thank you for visiting Vicky. And one of the really wonderful and unexpected side effects is that the wedding decorating process has given rise to all sorts of ideas for home decor enhancements. And it has served to reinforce my connection to my own personal style preferences. I always go back to your suggestion of five descriptive words to define your space. That has proved so helpful!!

  10. Hi Diane,

    Wow! I had no idea! Well how would I huh? I wish I would have known before so that I could have offered to help in some way. I know it sounds strange being that we don't "really" know each other but for some reason I feel like I know you enough to be very happy for you and wanting to help. I'm a romantic (ok a complete sap), hopeless does not EVEN begin to describe how I feel about love, being in love, loving as a verb not just a word. I used to plan weddings a while back and love all things wedding related. I especially love the flowers. I started a long time ago with making cakes, then invitations, then got into the planning. I got out of the business for several reasons but a big one was the vendors. Many of them were really shady and it was so frustrating dealing with that part of the business. What I liked the most was being there for the bride and helping her deal with all the stress and pressure. I like taking that all away from her so that she could enjoy her day and make it as special as possible. I of course enjoyed the creative aspect and got very involved with the decor and theme of the wedding.

    Have a great celebration and take it all in. I hope you're having someone recording it on video. You'll miss a lot because you can't be everywhere all the time and it may all happen quickly. If you can play it all back you can slowly enjoy every moment you may have missed.

    Congratulations...this is going to keep me smiling all week!