28 June 2010

Just married

In that moment, standing there in our living room in the presence of our family members and friends, there was only joy and love. There were moments of laughter too. When I asked for a tissue in the midst of my vow. When Cristy asked for a spare pair of glasses so she could read the vow she had written. When, after exchanging our rings, our officiant excitedly exclaimed, "Yay!"

Tears of emotion emerged while my beloved brother read a touchingly beautiful blessing. And when my sister-in-law read a tender message of love.

Those present fully shared our experience, in fact, became part of the experience, and the collective energy was powerful. Tingling. Full of happiness and hope.

Making a promise.
Declaring a love.
Taking a step forward in the journey of our lives.


  1. Gosh, a lot has been happening since I have been away, I didn't realise that the wedding was so imminent!
    It is good to be back on such a lovely occasion too... Many congratulations, I wish you both the very best and it sounds as though you had a lovely day, I do hope so
    Oh and I love the jars of flowers, I wonder why jars of flowers somehow look better than the biggest bouquet, simplicity I guess :D

  2. Oh congratulations!!! I am so happy for you two. I love these beautiful photos and the "just married" chalkboard. Sounds like it was a lovely and intimate ceremony...I know you will have many wonderful years together. So good to hear from you again!

  3. Thank you Chrissy! It was wonderful, but it zipped by in a flash. One moment the doorbell was ringing and the next moment my head was hitting the pillow. But in the middle, there were a million smiles and tears and hugs and kisses. Thankfully, some of them are resolutely etched into my memory.

    I like flowers in jars or teapots too. I purchased a huge armful of flowers from the grocery store florist, but wanted them to look just-cut them from the garden. Would have far preferred to have cut them from the garden, but we do not happen to have a flower garden. Maybe one day!

    Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Thank you Susie! The wedding turned out to be just exactly as we had envisioned. Perfect for us. And then yesterday, I said goodbye to my oldest dog, Jackie. There was a little sad mixed with the sweet but I want so badly to think that he met his longtime golden-retriever friend Hemingway at the rainbow bridge.

  5. Congrats!Sounds like a beautiful and touching ceremony. Love the touch of the chalk board message and all of the personal touches of flower vases with ribbons. Very pretty!

  6. Thank you so much Sue, we feel so blessed. It could not have been a happier day. We put a lot of effort into the preparations, but because we held the ceremony at home, we wanted every part of it to be personal, touched by our hands. That's why the informally arranged flowers, chalkboard message and accents of sea shells, hearts and ribbons. And, as I mentioned before (above) in true yin-yang spirit, we transitioned from life to loss in a short span of time with the passing of my oldest dog. May his sweet puppy soul rest in peace.

  7. OMG...I got all teary-eyed reading this, Diane!

    I could actually FEEL the love that was in that room!

    "Making a promise.
    Declaring a love.
    Taking a step forward in the journey of our lives.


    And I have to agree with Chrissy....I LOVE the jars of flowers. Simplicity at it's finest!

    Wishing you and Cristy a beautiful life together!

    ((((( Diane + Cristy )))))