16 July 2010

Weekday ritual

About once per day at approximately 7am, five days per week, I utter a loud exclamation that contains an effing expletive. Yeah, that one.

No one else hears it since I’m in the car.

But I think I’ve been doing it for a while. I caught myself this morning and wondered why the foul language?

Truth is, maybe I’m not the best driver in the world. The freeway entrance ramp for my route brings me into a heavily traveled junction point where two exit-only lanes are departing for two separate destinations nowhere near the vicinity of my office. So I have about a half mile, in busy traffic, to enter the freeway and move two lanes to the left, dodging cars with more, shall we say, aggressive drivers.

The whole episode transpires in less than 30 seconds, but it scrapes my nerves raw in that short amount of time. And without fail, I unload the tension with some real nice profanity.


  1. Oh boy...me too! When I use to have a car, you should have heard the profanity that would escape my lips.


    Something happens to me when I get behind the wheel of a car.

    One of the greatest things I love about living in a city, is not having to drive anymore.

    "Truth is, maybe I’m not the best driver in the world."


  2. This is one of the prime reasons, why I shucked the suburbs and moved downtown so I can walk to work. No more explicatives on the on-ramp.

  3. Hilarious! It's a great place to let it all out. I've started getting a little paranoid driving lately, being really defensive & wondering if someone is going to try to turn in my lane, not step on the breaks behind me, etc. People here have lost all civility when they're driving. They're rude, impatient...and it scares me. I'm always wondering when someone with road rage will read my verbal explitives and decide to shoot me!