26 July 2010

Scenes from a wedding

I think our smiles say it all.  The happiest moment in my life.  True love and true happiness.
More pics on the companion photo blog.  Because I love pictures.
More scenes from a wedding


  1. Well, doggone it, you made me get all teary too :) That is so lovely, and congratulations on the marriage! I may be a cynic, but I'm not so jaded that I can't appreciate true love. Seeing it gives me hope I'll get it back, too.

    You are blessed, and thank you for including me in spreading the joy! Blessings and the best wishes for the both of you in your life together.


  2. Ok, can I just tell you something?

    You two ladies are absolutely STUNNING!


    You totally look like you belong with one another - I mean it! I can see and feel the love than binds you. Very touching.

    And another thing...you had a harpist? How COOL! I love the sound of a harp.

    I bet the day was amazing!

    Thank you for sharing, Diane. And you too, Cristy!

    X to you both!

  3. The smile on your face in the second picture....is priceless....

  4. Yes, the smiles say it all! Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Hi IG, thanks for popping by. And thank you for your kind words and wishes. I am not a cynic and have to believe that love is possible.

  6. Hi Ron,
    we are both blushing! Thank you for your sweet sentiments. We were both so excited when we saw our photos and I could NOT HELP MYSELF. Had to share them.

    The day was wonderful. And the musician was excellent. She learned a new song, at our request to play right after the ceremony concluded--Isn't It Romantic.

    xo - back to you!

  7. Thank you Bruce - I couldn't stop smiling. My mom came up to me at one point and said, Diane, are you ok?

  8. Thank you so very muich Suzicate! I promise this will be the last of the wedding themed bloggy things. Must be getting tiresome. But like I said earlier, i can't help myself. Just had to share.

    Did you get a suntan?

  9. I'm enjoying your wedding them posts and pics...I love happiness! I used 30 sunblock, so I didn't burn (only slightly on the ferry ride over as I forgot to put it on! and it went in by the next day). I have some color, but not a real suntan, but I think I am going to try some fake sunless lotion. I like a little color, but it's too hot to get back out there!

  10. I've never tried the sunless tanning lotion, but have heard it is utterly required that you rigorously exfoliate before applying. Not sure if this is to keep the tint as long as possible or to avoid uneven tinting. Hope it works!

  11. Oh my gosh...I LOVE these pictures!!! You two are a beautiful pair and you are both radiating authentic happiness. I'm so glad you shared these. I've enjoyed the chalkboard message in a few of your postings & on Facebook--it's such a cool idea. And your flowers look like wild flowers--just lovely.