07 August 2010

Tastes like summer

As I get older, it seems that the simplest things trigger an enormous surge of happiness. Today I find myself grateful for the happiness that comes my way courtesy of hummingbirds and avocados.

Twice per year, fortunate households along the Texas gulf coast, indeed throughout many states across the US, are honored to host ruby throated hummingbirds as they travel along their migration path. Just over a week ago, the southbound birds began to arrive and we are overjoyed that they have found the feeders in our yard and have decided to stay for a while.

They passed us by on their northward migration path this past February.

But this season, we took a more aggressive stance. Got a second feeder. Relocated both to a more prominent position. And the strategy has worked. Several of the tiny delicate birds dart in throughout the day to sip the sweet nectar, when they are not busy chasing each other. For as fragile as they seem, they are noisy and fierce when it comes to defending claim to a food supply.

And every time I see one, I seem to catch my breath, whisper a little greeting and find myself bursting with a million smiles.

There is so much to love about summer produce that I cannot with a clear conscience single out one fruit or vegetable without a supremely healthy dose of gratitude for the bounty of beautiful, delicious food in the farmers markets and grocery stores.

But oh my, is it just me, or are the avocados particularly wonderful this year? Each one seems to be perfect and perfectly tasty. The best guacamole in town can be had right in my own kitchen, thanks to these delicious green fruits.

Cutting each one open to assemble this delectable treat gives me the kind of culinary rush that rivals the pros on the food network. And I smile as I add the perfectly roasted corn kernels, squeeze the juice out of the lime and toss in a dash of cumin.

Tastes like summer to me.


  1. Oh, Diane...what a delightful post to read this afternoon. I can hearthe happiness and gratitude in your voice!

    I've ever had the honor of seeing a hummingbird in person, but I know (read) that they represent abundance and joy.

    And I LOVE avocados. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

    "And I smile as I add the perfectly roasted corn kernels, squeeze the juice out of the lime and toss in a dash of cumin."

    Oooooo...I think I'll try that!

    Thanks for sharing your happiness, Diane!


  2. I have been reading through lots of your posts whuch have been lovely. On this one, I smiled hugely, we don't have hummingbirds here but what an honour! :D :D

  3. Like Texas, Florida enjoys twice per year migration of hummingbirds. I don't think we get the variety that you do, but nevertheless, the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are fascinating to glimpse. I'm a big avocado lover. To me, summer tastes like a ripe tomato! Glad to read your summery post, reminding me that there's still a bit of it left. Can't believe its August.

  4. What else can you do with avocados other than guacamole ? That's the only way I've ever had them. We got some nice hummingbird pics while at my MIL a few weeks ago, maybe I'll post them at some point. They are fascinating to watch!

  5. add them to sandwiches, wraps or salad. serve a slice or two as garnish on gazpacho or in tortilla soup. Or as a main ingredient in veggie tacos. Also good addition to breakfast burritos, breakfast pizza or sliced alongside cantaloupe. Or you could make a south-of-the border version of caprese salad with sweet summer tomato slices, avocado slices and basil leaves drizzled with red wine viniagrette. I'm ready for dinner!

  6. me either. the season is just whisking by!

  7. We're trying to make our yard as welcoming as possible so hopefully they will make our house a regular stop, twice per year. Keeping my fingers crossed. And yesterday I noticed small groups of robins - they must be headed south too. Didn't see very many robins in the spring and they are so cheerful. The bluejays, caroina wrens, woodpeckers, doves, cardinals and sparrows keep us plenty entertained the rest of the time.

  8. Thank you for stopping by Ron! We ventured out to the Hong Kong food market yesterday evening. Now that was a new experience.

  9. Wow, I love that hummingbird. I would love to see one :)