11 August 2010

Wednesday wordle

I created two wordles in a study of contrasts.  Two common themes in language and life.  Big and little.  I noticed how I was feeling as I created the two wordles.  The big wordle seemed selfish.  These words that serve a useful purpose, seemed to leave no room for any other ideas.  They almost stifled my imagination.  They felt bold and boastful.  I felt ashamed.

And as I created the little wordle, I started to feel voiceless.  As though these important words would not be seen or heard above the noisy party that was on the other side of the page.  I started to feel defeated.

I longed to create a third wordle, the middle ground.  Where I could find satisfaction in balance, appreciation of the contrast between vibrant and delicate.

Funny the way this mind works.  They're just words.

For your own wordle, visit www.wordle.net.


  1. I LOVE both of these, Diane!

    Isn't the power of words amazing?? I don't think I ever really understood that until I started blogging.

    Words are energy.

    Thanks for sharing the link, because I really want to try creating one of these.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  2. Funny and scary, sometimes, how the mind works :)

    Hey, I would like to hear that story you mentioned, on loss, in the comments of "The Dropoff". I'm keen to hear a different perspective. You can write me at kms8gumbo(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Thank you for reading, and for your offer!

  3. Those word thingies are really cool. I am a middle ground kind of gal myself. medium, middle, average, balanced (though people probably would not use that word to describe me!) mediocre, normal (stop laughing!!!!)