22 October 2009

Balance and perspective

Ever hear that John Lennon song that goes “Nobody told me there’d be days like these?” Today was sort of like that song, but without the UFOs over New York, of course.

It was trash day and I had 3 sets of molded styrofoam packing material from some new ceiling fans. To fit them into trash bags in the most economical way, I had to break them apart. Took a little longer than I thought, but in the end, there were only 3 bags of trash at the curb rather than 5 or 6.

Unfortunately, as I was backing out of the driveway, a gentle gust of wind caught one of the lightweight bags and tossed it just behind my car. I rolled over it breaking apart the bag and watched in shocked dismay as broken bits of styrofoam packing began flying, tumbling down the street. This was certainly not part of my original plan when I was attempting to be conscientious by packing my trash in the most earth-friendly manner as possible, considering the contents were hardly biodegradable.

I quickly parked the car along the street and ran indoors for a new trash bag. Then undertook the task of retrieving as many stray pieces of packing debris as I could locate. Finished, I headed over to the new house to apply the final touches to the chandelier project and start applying grout sealer to the new tile floor.

The silver lining is always better than the dark cloud. The tile floor is understated but very attractive. I had several hours to examine it up close and personal as I was painting liquid sealer into the grout lines. And more progress is being made on the wood floor areas of the house. It is going to be just lovely. The light border edging gives it a mildly informal look. I think exactly the sort of genteel informality that Cristy and I had in mind. I’m quite certain that before too very long, this big empty house covered with dusty footprints, adhesive and layers of plastic will morph into the beautiful home that we catch a glimpse of from time to time in our heads.

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