08 October 2009

Meandering mind of the commuter II

We all notice them. Those larger-than-life inflatable objects attached to the roof of the occasional auto dealership or mini-storage warehouse. Colorful animals, fierce wrestlers, the ever-inspired hot-air balloon. Do these giant cartoon signs actually make us notice the business itself or influence, in any way, our consumer buying decisions?

I ponder this thought as I pass the same balloon signs on my commute each day. Particularly because air-loss, over time, in the balloon objects makes them collapse, reducing my level of overall confidence in the relative marketing impact.

My working hypothesis has reached equilibrium around the idea that perhaps this advertising mechanism is a very low cost approach at attracting attention. Perhaps the businesses that have engaged this mechanism subscribe to the theory “any publicity is good publicity.” Seems to work for celebrities, anyway.

1 comment:

  1. This has to be low budget advertising. But it is some what effective.