09 October 2009

The sweet side of moving

Another household move is approaching; it begins next Tuesday. There will be plenty of work involved with packing, carrying, loading, transporting and more carrying. But there are some truly nice things that I look forward to, interspersed with the work.

I am looking forward to selecting several patterns of pretty wrapping paper to use for lining cupboards, cabinets and shelves. I love the unexpected delight of opening a kitchen drawer or bathroom cabinet to find a beautifully patterned paper design peeking up from amidst the spoons, rolling pins or towels.

I am looking forward to organizing supplies in an assortment of bins and baskets, perhaps lined with some pretty cloth remnants given to me by a friend. Utility rooms can always use an added bit of cheer here and there.

I am looking forward to spray painting the two little tables I found via craigslist a nice crisp white. I might push the limits of my poorly developed sense of decorative inspiration and replace the drawer pulls with something simple, less formal.

Mostly, I am looking forward to being in the house and listening for the pace and rhythm of the energy there to give me clues to the unanswered decorating questions Cristy and I keep asking each other. I know the answers will come in time.

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