06 October 2009

Finally, closing day

We closed today. Actually, we closed yesterday too, but did it again today for the sheer joy. Not really.

There was a snag or two along the way and for reasons that are perhaps beyond my comprehension, our lender required new signatures and new dates.

However, it is indeed complete, and we have purchased the very house we wanted to buy. And next Tuesday, a very skilled tradesman will start installing a thousand square feet of tile, which will initiate a chain reaction of pre-move-in events.

How we long to have cabinets and closets and a dog-door. How I long to have a place for my shoes and financial files and purses and wrapping paper. How luxuriantly different that will be from the way we have been living for nearly 6 months now with my belongings crammed into every extra square inch of space available in this home. I have not been able to access many of these items and perhaps upon unpacking them, I may discover that I don't exactly need to keep them. But that is a completely different subject.

From this milestone, a new countdown ensues. October 31st represents the last day of the month for offsite storage rental. My goal will be to substantially complete the very long list of pre-move-in tasks and engage the moving company to transfer our belongings to the new house on or before October 31st, All Hallow's Eve. We stand at T-25 (days) and counting.

Before I forget, kudos to each and every individual involved in this process. I have a new-found respect for individuals that work in this industry. But beyond that, I am honored to have worked with such a stellar group of individuals as those that supported every step of our journey: our talented and tenacious real estate agent Sandy Steitz, our fabulous mortgage broker team The Kyles Group, and the wonderful individuals at First American Title. A sincere thank you!

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