15 February 2010

Bonds of love

I don’t remember the last time I spent an evening out on the two teen-aged boys. Probably because I’ve never done it before. Cristy’s nephews, and really, mine too. One 18 and one 17. We drove downtown, laughed, acted silly, took dozens of photographs, mingled with the other patrons, and surprisingly, as the evening was winding down, had a rather serious adult conversation. I didn’t see it coming.

I don’t know if it matters so much, the precise words spoken. The fact that they were spoken is merely a reminder that at this juncture of their lives, on the cusp of branching out into another direction, that their loving family is there to cheer them onward. And we will be there too, if the choices in the adult world seem overwhelming and they want to talk through their options. Or even just find a place of refuge for an hour or two.

I don’t know what will unfold for either of them in the next year and I am not clear whether they, themselves, have envisioned their own futures.

We will be here to witness their accomplishments and trials and to remind them that we love them through each step of their journey.


  1. How lucky they are to have two understanding aunts who can enjoy silliness with them as well as a serious conversation!

  2. How wonderful for people that age to know that they are loved and supported!

  3. How great that they have adults in their lives that are not their parents whom they can talk to in both a fun and serious way. It takes a village...

  4. It is wonderful to read bout family that is so supportive. They will need you guys more than ever. They are at a big stage of their lives and it's hard for them to see it. Cheer them on and knock sense into them if needed.

  5. When the time comes, they'll need you but with trials and tribulations they will endure on their own.