04 February 2010

Share the love

Many years ago I read something in the Ann Landers column about her participation in Valentines for Vets, a program that distributes valentine cards to patients in VA hospitals across the country. Apparently any kind of valentine was appreciated. I thought it sounded like a worthwhile effort and decided to give it a whirl with homemade valentines.

Perhaps I was remembering fondly the homemade Valentine’s Day boxes my mom helped me make for school, or some other homemade valentine lovely crafted from red paper, doilies and pink sugar hearts. The project of making the valentine was all about love and sharing that time with my mom.

I think I made about 12 valentines for the vets that year. Large format red paper with a white crepe ruffled edge, glitter painted greeting on the front and a hand-written note inside. The fact that I remember these valentines so clearly is significant proof that I loved that project, creating the pretty cards. I don’t remember anything else about Valentine’s Day that year, but I remember making those homemade cards and mailing them off to their destination.

So this year I think I am going to resurrect my creativity and assemble a few pretty valentine greetings, using the supplies I have at my disposal at home: ribbon, buttons, paper, elmer’s glue, pencil, fabric remnants, needle & thread. Surely the results of my efforts will be at least as good as any Valentine card I might find at the Hallmark store. But the big plus, is that it will again connect me to those precious valentines memories, expressing love through simple creative expression.


  1. What you give is repaid in kind. How true that can be! And I'm very sure that the vets receiving your home-made Valentines will feel blessed by the effort you put into making them. They'll feel that personal touch, they'll treasure those cards, and I bet they'll feel just a little more special than the guys who get the shop-bought variety. ;)

  2. I love this. We have a tradition of handmade Valentines in our house and I think it really is the essence of the day. How great to share this with vets!

  3. Oh my, I must clarify that I've begun with my homemade valentines far too late to participate in the valentines for vets program this year, my intention is to make homemade valentine cards for just a few friends and family members. I made a little prototype last night - it needs a bit of tweaking (yes I said tweaking). If all goes well, I should be able to complete a handful this weekend, and since it is such dreary weather, what better than a pretty little project to have to keep me occupied indoors?

    I apologize for the confusion!

  4. "Love"-ly post. "Expressing love through simple creative expression" is on the agenda at my house this weekend too. (Emphasis on "simple"; I am no artist and will be joined in my efforts by my 2-year-old.) Want to come over and join us?

  5. I like this idea..........more of us should strive to do stuff like this.