22 April 2010


2nd vein.

I’m turning into my mom. Part of me, anyway. Not the casino-slot-machine-diva part. The homemade-buttons-and-bows part. I know I’ve written a couple of blog entries about my foray into homemade things and craft projects. It’s a far cry from the way I would have envisioned spending my time if you had asked me ten years ago. But now it just seems genuine and personal.

Cristy brought home a little pot of daisies from the store last night. It is a welcome gift from a group of colleagues for a coworker returning to work after completing a treatment protocol for breast cancer. Cristy wanted it to be sweet and special, so I offered to make a little bow for the plant and thankfully, she agreed. In five minutes I had made a little bow out of cotton fabric layered alongside a smaller bow of raffia and string with a couple of beads attached to the ends of the string. I tied the bows to a little plastic card holder and anchored it into the soil. It doesn’t look spectacular, but it does look personal. It looks like this woman’s coworkers cared enough about her to make a homemade bow for the pretty potted daisies.

I will probably turn into one of those women who troll the clearance table at JoAnn’s, picking up remnants of lace, ribbon and pretty patterned fabrics to adorn greeting cards, packages and gifts of all sorts. Just a little touch to make them personal. That’s what my mom always did.


  1. Oh, I so envy you because I really enjoy making homemade things and doing craft projects, but I'm one of those people who starts them and then never finishes them. Like the FIVE latch-hook rugs I SWORE I would finish and never did. Also, TWO needlpoint projects which I never finished.

    Your special "touch" to the pot of daisies sounded wonderful. Isn't raffia fun?

    I truly appreciate and get more excited over a homemade gift than I do a store bought. A very talented young lady who I know here in Philly, makes all her own jewelry and it's special, because you can tell her pieces were made with such pride, care, and uniqueness.

  2. I think this is awesome that you can "beautify" and add a personal touch to things. I used to be the person that picked up all kinds of remnants and had them on hand for every occasion and project. After I started quilting, I did a major clean out and got rid of all my crafting and stamping supplies...I miss them. Maybe someday I will be able to have a room of my own to store things and work in. I guess a girl can dream!

  3. We ALL become our mothers in one way or another! Just don't turn a corner of the house into your "craft corner". Or worse, "kraft korner"!

  4. You're so funny. What a delightfully SUNNY gift for your co-worker. It brings color and life back into the office. And very thoughtful. Sometimes turning into mom is a good thing!

  5. I have a partially finished cross stitch in the attic, so you're my hero! It's only been there for 20 years, no rush. ;) That sounds like a lovely gift! And I know she'll be warmed by the thought that you put into it.

  6. I do the same thing, but instead of JoAnns I do it at Thrift Stores, trooling the electronics isle for old computer parts ....... as a technophobe, I thought you might appreciate that.