28 April 2010

In harmony

I walked down the street today to attend a presentation: 1 block west then 1 block north. The day is lovely and I noticed blooming daylilies and plenty of chirping sparrows along the way. One of the buildings I passed has now been entirely fenced; any sort of access to the perimeter is prohibited. The building will be demolished at some date in the not too distant future as the Texas Medical Center makes way for expansion.

The process of expansion is one that seems to have no end. New roads, new buildings, new floors added to the tops of existing buildings. The vast acreage of Hermann Park lies along the northern edge of the medical center. A drive into this complex from the freeway affords commuters a picturesque view of the golf course. Recently, a broader, new road was constructed to channel traffic alongside Braes Bayou more efficiently and as a result, the older road near the edge of the golf course was abandoned and has been returned to the park as restored green space.

This is something I have not ever before observed. A road demolished and the land restored to augment nature. It makes me happy that the civil engineers and transportation planners included this as one of the goals of the construction project.

In my personal corner of the world, Cristy has taken significant strides to convert our own yard into a nature friendly habitat. There are 2 squirrel feeders, a bird feeder, hummingbird feeder, two birdhouses and a birdbath. Numerous wind chimes provide soothing musical sounds that help mask the noise of nearby lawnmowers or tools. She has made our yard a welcome place for birds and squirrels and we are rewarded daily with visitors of all varieties.

The energy inside our homes is, I think, derived in large part from its external surroundings. Windows that offer views of water, sky, foliage and our feathered neighbors give us the elements in Feng Shui that represent vital Chi energy. A balance with nature and with spirit. Harmonious.

Amid a sometimes perplexing blend of chaos, I am reminded of the harmony woven throughout the moments of my day.


  1. I love this post. Native plants are a fabulous way to restore peace to your yard and frame of mind. I am seeing so much more sensitivity from city/county/state government in their projects, thanks to new environmental codes and regulations for green space. Glad to hear it's that way deep in the heart of Texas too!

  2. Ah, this makes me homesick for Texas! My backyard in the Hill Country when I was a kid was like this. Mama loved the birds. And Daddy used to feed the deer and rabbits. He actually kept feed and had a ritual every afternoon when he'd call them and they'd all creep out of the woods to eat their grain.

  3. This post made my heart swell!

    How wonderfully beautiful your yard sounds. Being a huge squirrel lover, I can just see them romping around in your magical garden; having the time of their lives!

    "The energy inside our homes is, I think, derived in large part from its external surroundings"

    I bet it is!

    I'm a firm believer in the power of Feng Shui energy.

    Lovely post!

  4. Beautifully put. Your yard sounds wonderful.

  5. Your Christy is a lovely person to take care of the squirrels as she takes care of the birds! :) My husband and I have been working to make the outside of our home reflect the energy we want to have inside it. Your essay was great inspiration for me as we continue that project.

  6. I like the image that a perplexing mix of chaos creates harmony...how true it is! Chaos, harmony...it's all in how we process the energy!

  7. I have yet to see anything get restored to its natural state. Usually a new thing is thrown up or they leave huge dirt piles all over. If I ever have my anxiety acting up, I will stop by your place to calm down.

  8. This sounds lovely, a lady after my own heart. The rewards are fabulous aren't they? :D