01 April 2010

Fool for love

Google is my preferred search engine at work and in life too. I love Google. I've been giving it a workout lately at the office. And today I kept noticing the word Topeka on the landing page instead of the regular word Google. The very wierd thing was that I was just doing a little bit of research on a couple of constituents that were originally from Topeka, KS. That was a surprise to me because their last known address was in Florida.

Often, Google seems to read my mind. If I enter one or two letters of a word or phrase, the search engine intuitively fills in the rest, making my job quicker and easier. Sometimes this ESP is more than a little startling, especially when I begin to search for something that falls outside the normal parameters I typically use. How does Google know what I am thinking?

But back to Topeka. I thought this word was just another improvement on the ESP feature package, but then my curiosity got the best of me. I clicked on the word and opened a silly and funy article about Google changing its name. Clearly an April fool's day joke. But clever and well executed.

I love Topeka!


  1. There are so many free Google applications & services---I love them & they do a lot for charitable organizations.

  2. Diane! Google has been tracking you this whole time! It's the only way to pay for free services!

  3. Hilarious if you ask me... Congrats. BTW you won an award on ZacksHotTub.Blogspot.Com - head on over to pick it up.