17 August 2009

Describing the intangible II

The shape of anger, in two dimensions, is an asterisk and in three dimensions is more like a dandelion seed cluster. It has perforated borders, not solid because there are so many opportunities to diffuse the anger and return to a rational, peaceful existence. But on the other hand, anger is not linear and unchecked, can expand in any direction or even multiple directions. Anger is volatile and irregular.

The color of anger is stormy, greenish-brown. It is the color of the sky before a tornado. Anger comes prepared with a supply of adrenaline. Sometimes it is hard to breathe and most of the time it is difficult to assemble cohesive thoughts, they are racing so quickly. Just as in those dreams from which you desparately want to awake, but don't, your mind tells you to leave, but you are paralyzed and unable to avoid the storm of anger erupting.


  1. wondering why you chose anger to blog about. you and anger don't mix... anger is not a good thing on the most part. i know from experience. clouds all that you do.
    so glad we don't get 'angry' with one another...

  2. I simply felt like writing with that associative creativity theme again and anger is such a strong subject matter, ripe with imagery, it was an easy choice. Personally, I'm more than a little afraid of anger and really do want to run from it. I too am so glad that anger is not something that we live with. Love is so much more spectacular.

  3. I agree - I run from anger and just curl up in being hurt or sad. Thankfully, my significant other causes me neither one of those too often!

    Now love, I try to do that with just about anything or anyone - even if it's at a distance. Everyone deserves love.