27 August 2009

Turning it over

Life has a way of reminding me every so often that I’m not in charge. Take today, for example. I penned out a quick diary entry this morning, reflecting on yesterday evening’s events. And then two hours later, have a conversation with my realtor indicating that things are not moving along quite as effortlessly on the sale of my house as I had thought. It seems as though the buyers have experienced a bumpy ride on the road to line up financing and need to delay closing. And apparently, since their financing has not been completed, they have not yet gotten an appraisal on the house. Hmmm, lead time on that takes a week, so, let me do the math….this situation sucks.

Best case scenario: they get the financing terms they are seeking, house appraises in accordance with the value of the loan and both closings complete according to the revised schedule.

Modestly worse scenario: they need to extend the closing date even further, requiring us to extend the closing date on the house we are buying, but both transactions still complete, with just an added headache.

Worst case scenario: they do not get the financing terms they are seeking and back out of the contract altogether, causing us to back out of our contract too. Really bad.

Since I have no control over this, I need to turn it over with a little prayer to give me serenity. Events will come to pass and the world will continue to spin, regardless of my internal anxiety level.

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