01 August 2009

Food of love

Cristy likes to watch the food network channel on cable. She mostly likes the competitive cooking programs and I have watched some of these programs too. But I have a theory about cooking. I believe is that competitive cooking is inconsistent with the principal that stress and cooking are not supposed to mix. My theory is that cooking for yourself or for someone else is one of the most loving things you can do. Preparing nourishment in a thoughtful way is a true act of love.

Regardless of the outcome of the food, if the act of cooking originates from a pure spirit of sharing, then you will surely find joy from the experience of cooking. The product created from a joyful cooking experience is truly food of love. And sharing food of love enriches the experience only more. It is a circular equation, a renewable resource.

My opinion regarding competitive cooking is that the Food Network does a disservice to its viewers by portraying cooking as a stressful, disappointing, shaming experience. While I am open to celebrating the talents and culinary creativity these programs attempt to highlight, the backhanded television production methods focus less on celebration and more on failure. Competitive cooking eliminates joy, consequently removing the opportunity to create food of love.

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