13 August 2009

Recapturing language II

I have a happy friendship with words; they trigger emotions and memories and I occasionally find myself searching my consciousness for some old friends with whom I have lost touch from mere neglect on my part. Today, I reacquaint myself with a beautiful word that I rarely use: splendid.

I recall a colleague once describing a progressive dinner group to which he belonged. The group gathered once in a while for a full evening of delicious food and delightful company. On one particular occasion, he served as the designated host for the evening’s point of origin and organized the invitations. To elevate the group’s expectations for their evening, he suggested that everyone dress splendidly. I thought that was an absolutely perfect description. It allowed each participant to select attire that made them feel splendid: as though they were participating in a grand occasion.

No one uses the word splendid very often. It seems we often select the word special instead. As a result, a special event might seem perhaps just one step removed from ordinary in our imagination. Days, occasions or activities could be special merely if they occur outside of their normal schedule. But to describe a day, occasion or activity as splendid invites our minds to join in the brilliance and true exhilarating spirit conveyed through that lovely word.

A loving salute to this old friend, and an invitation to all to savor the thrill of describing an enchantingly perfect experience as splendid.

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