20 August 2009

Resurrecting language III

As a result of my technophobia, I no longer have music in my car. I needed to replace the car battery one day last year, causing the anti-theft feature for the audio system to engage. It has been disabled ever since, and consequently, I have become accustomed to driving in silence. Gives me time to think.

On the way to work the other morning, I started thinking about the difference between the words committed and devoted. In our society, we tend to think of love relationships in terms of the extent of a couple’s commitment to each other, but I seldom hear anyone speak about the extent of a couple’s devotion to one another. To me, devotion implies commitment of the heart, a bond far deeper and more personal than superficial words, actions and promises that can sometimes be mistaken for commitment.

My resolve is to enrich the devotion that I feel for my partner in life through words, actions and promises that are truthful, loving, compassionate and playful. I believe that if we continue to live our lives together with these four motives guiding the current of our interaction, then our love will construct bonds of devotion that perhaps few couples ever truly experience.

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