29 March 2010

Dunce hat

Today is my day to wear the dunce hat. I hate these days, but they drop into my life once in a while.

I had a dentist appointment this morning, but had forgotten the time; I thought it was in the afternoon. Thankfully I scheduled it for 8:30 and still had plenty of time to make it to the appointment after I got to work and checked the calendar. And thankfully, there were no startling discoveries as a result of this appointment that would require another more invasive dental appointment.

I left the dentist's office and returned to my car. As I backed out of the parking space I heard a loud crunching sound. It was the sound of one of those big parking garage pillars bashing in the side of my car. I don’t much care for these pesky pillars in parking garages, for precisely this reason. I have had more than one altercation with them in recent years.

My car is actually fine, as long as I don’t need to use the side-view mirror or open the driver’s side door too awfully far.

Just another reason I don’t need to be driving a big expensive car. Most of my driving mishaps tend to occur when I am backing out of a parking space. Pass me the pointed hat please.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry. Cars and teeth in one day?? That's too much for anyone!

  2. Oh that sucks. I'm so sorry about it. Amazing how fast these things happen. And then it's like...done. Glad you're okay and your car isn't too messed up.

  3. All in one morning. That stinks. Don't feel badly, I often need a dunce hat for all kinds of silly things.

  4. Oh boy...I've worn the Dunce Cap quite often, let me tell ya.

    One time while pulling into a parking space, I miss-judged the space and SCRRRATCHED the entire side of someone else's car....OUCH!

    MAJOR Dunce Cap!

  5. Hey, that is why we have insurance. Sounds like a really crummy day for sure, time to treat yourslef with your feet up to a glass of wine, ice cream, chocolate or whatever your comfort food or drink may be. hugs ~ Chrissy