23 November 2009


I work in a professional environment in the healthcare sector. So it makes sense that one of our institutional core values is caring. In my office, one of the ways that we demonstrate caring is to recognize each other’s personal accomplishments and little celebrations, like birthdays, promotions and employment anniversaries. Once per month we set aside a half hour to get together in a conference room, read out all the happiness announcements for the month, sing a little birthday song for the collective birthday celebrants, and adjourn with a slice of some sinfully delicious goodie. It sounds contrived, but is in fact, sincere.

Of late, I have been omitting to attend the monthly gathering, primarily due to laziness because it is on another floor. Occasionally I have a schedule conflict, but for the most part, I can offer no legitimate reason for my absence.

But this month, I attended, at the urging of my manager. And discovered that my own employment anniversary was on the happiness agenda. 5 years. I can remember the day of my job interview, just like it was a couple of months ago. I remember the employee Christmas party my second year. Dozens of incidents that collectively weave into the familiar texture of my daily workday life. I can look back on the moments in a mere instant. Five years have elapsed.

From time to time I check in on a blog by inspired author, Gretchen Rubin. One of the things that she often says that resonates with my anniversary is this: the days are long, but the years are short.

It's the truth.

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