10 November 2009

Gratitude - front and center

A gentle reminder from an inspired blogger. Thank you Holli!



  1. Diane, thanks for stopping by my place this morning. Please come back anytime.

  2. Thanks Diane!!!! I hope my next post (about my recent visit to Houston) doesn't alienate us - it's nice to find cyber friends.

    I had such a negative experience in Houston (I don't know anyone there personally), as I was at a work conference... not sure my assessment is fair.

    Anyway, I am somehow quick to judge. Will try to work on that. In the meantime thanks again for the link. :)

  3. Holli - your experience was your experience. Doesn't make the entire population of Houston good or bad, either way. It was a slice of time relevant only to you. Sorry that it was not more positive. Houston has plenty of beauty, but like all metropolitan areas, there is at least an equal part of the not-so-beautiful. If you ever find an opportunity to return I would be happy to share a list of my fave places that you'd just not find on your own - or even better - join you at one of them! could be fun. Thanks for visiting me here. I look forward to your next post, even if it doesn't match my own viewpoint or experience.