06 November 2009

Reflection on moments

I pulled to a stop behind a Metro bus at a traffic light and noticed two people departing from the bus, walking toward the filling station-convenience store on that street corner. There was nothing particularly extraordinary about this couple, this man and woman. Initially I was not sure that they were a couple. But they immediately began talking and smiling. She was middle aged with a nondescript hairstyle, a long, comfortable skirt, t-shirt and corduroy shirt on top. He was about the same age, taller, fuller in girth, and had graying hair pulled back into a moderately long ponytail. After about a half dozen steps their strides matched and they were walking side by side, still talking and smiling. Then he put his arm around her shoulders, squeezed himself closer to her and I could tell by their faces that they were laughing. Sharing a little joke. A second later they disappeared into the store, presumably for a cup of coffee and perhaps a breakfast snack.

Yesterday, I read a compelling essay on a truly wonderful blog,
AbodeOneThree, about time, specifically about the moments in our lives. Recognizing them, savoring them and rejoicing in the lessons, trials, joys, sorrows and love that they bring.

I was but a voyeur in this moment of shared laughter between my fellow commuters this morning, but it was a perfect illustration to that essay and a compelling reminder that we have the power to shape our moments. We have a string of opportunities, moments, in our day to fill these moments with laughter, extend a hand of friendship to others and whisper words of love to the people whose love we cherish.


  1. I loved this post. Just the night before you wrote this I had a moment in which I felt so at peace, so grateful, so blissful. It was an ordinary day, in our ordinary life in which things felt so good. I had made meatloaf for the first time. We sat at the table (which is rare) and had a nice non-eventful dinner. It was quick. We joked around a little, finished eating and we were done. Each of us to a different activity after that. I was sitting alone in the living room about to watch some TV when it hit me and I started crying. Things just felt good and I had my moment of feeling blessed and eternally grateful for such a great day. With the people I love in a home that we share, we had meatloaf.

  2. Monica, thanks again for visiting - always nice to share! I think I know what you mean about having a feeling of pure happiness just wash over you. I'd say it doesn't get much better than sharing a simple supper at the kitchen table with the person you love most in the world. I'd take that any day of the week! xoxo