09 November 2009

Method to the madness

Snippets of conversation generally begin like this:

“Where did you get that kitchen towel?”

“Do you know what this plastic lid belongs to?”

“Have you been able to find the batteries?”

Yes, we are still in that post-move, not-quite-unpacked, trying-to-get-the-house-organized place. On day eleven, yesterday, our house really started to resemble a place that looks like we live here. It is transforming into our home. Cupboards, pantries, cabinets and closets are full and organized, in a reasonably logical way. Everyday items, books, towels, coffee cups, dog bowls and trash baskets have places that are now becoming predictable.

But the double-barrel unpacking approach (me & Cristy working in separate areas of the house) has some minor drawbacks. We have a lot of stuff. No kidding. So the person who unpacks and organizes the item is, for a while at least, going to be the only one who knows where to find it. Leading back to the long list of questions that seem to emerge in every conversation:

“Did you unpack the Tupperware?”

“Where is the toilet paper?”

"Wow, I didn't know we had that."

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