22 November 2009

The Houdini incident

Gracyn decided to rehearse her new disappearing act this past week. Thankfully, she did not (to our knowledge) have any accomplices. Apparently there was a breach in the back yard perimeter fence. A fairly significant breach. An entire section was unfastened and there was a gap large enough for an adventuresome 10-pound dog to pass through. So her journey began Monday morning.

Thankfully, Cristy had located her name tag and attached it to her collar just the night before. And since Gracyn is a cute and friendly dog, before too long, she was bound to take a break in her journey to make a new friend. Which she did. And the friend happened to be, luckily, a real estate agent who examined her collar and recognized the street address as a house that recently sold in this neighborhood. The real estate agent put Gracyn in her garage, left for work and called Cristy, since her telephone number was on the name tag. Cristy left work, drove over to the house, retrieved Gracyn and brought her home.
Phew! All within the span of 2 hours. ~Insert big sigh of relief here~

I suppose in true Houdini style, this disappearing act was not a success since Gracyn required an escort for the second leg of her journey.

She won’t be rehearsing again any time soon since we employed Ted the Handyman (his real name) to repair the fence breach the following day.

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