25 January 2010

Following the breadcrumbs to serenity

I’ve got a couple of things on my mind today. I dropped my car off this morning for a mechanical repair. Some kind of switch related to the transmission and the folks at the garage were kind enough to drive me to work so they can have it for the day to complete the job. But then I had a doctor appointment a couple of hours later, so I hopped a ride from the local transit authority then walked the extra block over to my doctor’s office. It is a very nice day, so no problems.

As I said, I had a couple of things on my mind and was just looking at the ground as I was walking. When I stumbled upon something that just made me want to laugh because of the sheer ridiculousness of the invention: a plastic spork. Right there in my path, a lonesome spork.

Reminds me of picnics, girl scouts, cole slaw, potato salad, bbq beans. No fine dining with a spork, no ma’am. Sporks are reserved exclusively for use at picnics. You can’t take yourself too seriously when your main dining utensil is a spork.

Must be a message from the ether – lighten up! OK, got it.


  1. Now it takes a very special person to see signs of life and humor in a spork. Good for you. :) I remember eating dirty rice at Bojangles on a Sunday morning with a spork when I was really a young girl. We were on our way to a day trip in the mountains. What a random memory! Hope everything went okay at the doctor.

  2. Diane I never really appreciated the spork until I read your post and I'm going to announce that it is one of the 100th best inventions ever made!

  3. I think the spork is a great invention - and in fact over here you can get them as proper tableware, all metal and shiny and everything! They're still amusing though, if only for the name.

  4. A good girl scout is always prepared...spork in hand!

  5. The only place I ever see these things is at Taco Bell......they are the only place that carries them around here.