27 January 2010

The messenger

Last Sunday after we hung up our two bird houses, we noticed a couple of medium sized hawks slowly drifting on the air currents overhead. Then later in the afternoon, as she was working on another outside chore, Cristy heard a soft noise and looked up to see one of those hawks (or another large raptor-looking bird of the same general dimensions) sitting in the tree very near to the birdhouses.


There are two bird feeders just across the fence in the neighbor’s yard that is a favorite snack stop for sparrows and wrens. Could the hawk be stalking the feeder?

I do have this innate tendency to associate omens to natural events or sightings. And, were this an isolated event, perhaps I might not lend it so much weight, but it is not an isolated event. Urban hawks have been making frequent appearances within the past week or so. One swooped down in front of my car as I was beginning my drive home one afternoon. I spotted another flying up to the low branch of a road side tree.

From a practical perspective, since it is winter, these birds are probably just on the lookout for a meal, and my sightings are purely coincidental. But that just isn’t very fun.

So I decided to check with my friend google, to find out what symbolisms are associated with the hawk.

It seems that the hawk is a good omen; it is a very majestic bird. Hawks are considered messengers in some ancient lores; they are alert to any movement on the ground. They remind us to be alert for the answers we are seeking. If we look around us, inside of ourselves, we will become aware of the answer.

Another hmmm.

And so it has come to pass. A question posed and an answer provided. On the wings of the messenger.


  1. Wow, Diane. Just imagine if one of these giant birds go hanging around by your bird houses. Be sure to get the camera ready. I don't want to miss this, uhh I mean you don't want to miss this =)

  2. I'll do my best. Not making any promises that I have even a shred of hope that I might be able to capture a good image. But maybe. :)

  3. My thought is a bit more analytical. They might be a mating pair staking out digs for a next come spring. Once they have made up their mind, they won't take kindly to anything else moving around in the area.

  4. I'm so glad you looked that up!! They keep appearing in my life as well. I just posted about Ingrid & the hawk we used to admire. Saw it a few days ago. And my recently deceased grandfather had a wonderful caretaker who saw a hawk shortly after his death and was convinced it was a sign from him. No doubt in my mind it was. I'll share you post with her. She will love it too. (Signs aside, we have Cooper's Hawks in our neighborhood who love a good dove at the feeder.)

  5. OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am so thankful this was posted. Gropius grandfather and I made a promise to each other before he passed that he would come to me and give me a sign that he had his wings and almost 3 wks to the day of his passing I was sitting on my couch just thinking of how much I missed him and there on my porch rail land a hawk. When he wasn't able to see me in view I would always say I am behind you and he would always say I KNOW THAT I'M WATCHING YOU LIKE A HAWK, and I would always say somebody needs to. So I knew when that HAWK landed on my porch that he was still watching me like a hawk. AGAIN THANK YOU FOR THIS.

  6. That is quite interesting. My mom used to say all kinds of omens, but I couldn't remember the one about the hawk. I do remember if a picture fell off the wall, she'd freak out thinking someone was going to die. I should visit your friend google and find out if her wives tails were the same every where.