20 January 2010


I admit that I am a wimp and whiner when it comes to electro-mechanical technology. I hate it when things break. It causes my stress level to accelerate into the red zone. And we have had plenty of issues in the past 60 days. To wit:

• Oven
• Garbage disposal
• Garage door
• Ice dispenser
• Furnace
• Lawn sprinklers
• Memory board in pc

And now, my car. O, mother of God, have mercy on my sinful soul, I don’t believe I am fully capable of managing much more! But, of course, there IS more. They just don’t qualify for inclusion on this list because the items are not electro-mechanical. Not technophobe-worthy enough for mention: just your daily garden variety laundry list of aggravations.

Somebody just pour this girl a glass of wine and tell me to quit whining!

I needed that.


  1. Oh no, I'm not telling you that. When a car breaks down, it's whine time!

  2. I'm not really a technophobe, but I'd be whining after that catalogue of failures! Poor you!

    Now, have some nice French Margaux (it used to be my favourite wine before I was forced to become teetotal), and quit your moaning.

    Feel better now? LOL!

  3. I'd be whining, too. That's a lot all at one time. Seems like everything happens at once sometimes. Now, go get yourself a glass of WINE and you'll feel better. At least, for a little while.

  4. Yes, thanks all! I do feel better. There are 2 lights on my dashboard and one is flashing. As if the presence of a light is not sufficient to capture my attention! The mechanic says it undoubtedly has something to do with the transmission but he cannot squeeze me in until Monday. So I'm driving my sick car until then. Unless, of course, it collapses of feverish exhaustion prior to Monday. If that happens J, I think I might even ask for a 2nd glass of that lovely Margaux.

  5. Oh no! The car! I can only imagine its a reality check because it costs soooo much to fix them. Better make it a double Diane.

  6. Would you like that Pinot Noir or Merlot? I am well passed this stage. I have graduated to Martini's made with 95% gin. Much more effective AND fast acting.

  7. I hate having to fix things. Or more truthfully put, having to have things fixed. I'm not a fixer when it comes to anything mechanical. Thank goodness Husband is, or I would quickly be driven off the deep end.

  8. the flashing dashboard light refrained from coming on during my drive to work this morning. I was only greeted with the ever-present glow of the check engine light. *sigh* I will most assuredly have a glass of something-or-other red wine upon arrival at home this evening. But a martini would be ever so much better on so many levels! cheers :)