15 January 2010


Apparently there’s something going around. And to fully enjoy it, I’m going to have to trace it back and back through bloggyland, sort of like a scientist with the CDC, but without the germs.

It’s a game of tag and true confessions and my bloggy friend Paul over at
Adventures of a Grocery Clerk did a little bit of ‘fessing up earlier today then decided to share the love by tagging a list, a long list, I might add, of bloggers to play along. And he graciously included me on that list. The game rules appear to be to simply share ten things you might not know about me, but might possibly find mildly interesting.

  1. The fourth toes on each of my feet are bent, have been since birth.
  2. The only nickname I’ve ever had in my life is Poindexter. Courtesy of Cristy.
  3. I love homemade things.
  4. I was a girl scout, but that doesn’t mean I find camping even remotely appealing.
  5. I like to watch for satellites criss-crossing the sky on summer nights.
  6. During the techno-scientific part of my career, I once had a job as a controller in mission control.
  7. One of my favorite songs ever is Let it Be by Lennon & McCartney.
  8. I think I might have seen a UFO once.
  9. Sometimes I compose songs in my head to accompany my dreams.
  10. I am afraid of antique cartoons, I find them totally creepy.

I wish I had more time to read more blogs, but am slowly increasing the number of blogs that I read. There are four that have popped into my radar very recently and I’d like to pass this game along to them, to learn more about these blog authors. Just like in a real game of tag, I’m giving a tag to bloggers at

(1) Jay at
The Depp Effect
(2) Jeanne at The Raisin Chronicles
(3) Mr. Charleston at Termites of Sin
Irish Gumbo

and keeping my fingers crossed that they will play along. Pretty please?


  1. Mission Control? Cool!
    I too was a girl scout and have no camping "gene."
    And "Let it Be" is an amazing song.
    Fun list!

  2. perhaps as a result of our girl scouting experiences we both made decisions as youngsters that there's got to be a better way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors than to live without a fully equipped proper bathroom, thermostat and clean, soft bedding. And thank goodness, there is!

  3. Vintage cartoons give me a headache for some weird reason.

    And I too wish I had more time for blogging. *pout*

  4. I think it has something to do with the jerky motions of early animation techniques. Makes me feel almost nauseous. Thanks for visiting today! How are your wedding plans coming along??

  5. Sure, I'll play along! It will probably be Monday before I post, if that's okay?

  6. take your time, no rules, no stress! Thx :)

  7. OK, I'll play but I'm not sure what it is I am supposed to do.

  8. list 10 interesting things about you (things that inquisitive minds really want to know) and then invite someone else to share, someone that sparks your curiosity....Thank you Mr. C. You definitely spark my curiosity!

  9. It's a long time since I've been tagged, so OK, I'll play! Thanks for picking me! :)

    I'm with you on number four ... but hang on! If you are a technophobe, how come you worked in Mission Control?

  10. Wow! A controller at mission control? That is so cool! Out done only by having possibly seen a UFO. I would love to have had that experience!

  11. You're going to have to post about this UFO experience and I think it's pretty cool that you worked at mission control!

  12. my technophobia is in large part limited to consumer-oriented electro-mechanical devices like televisions, thermostats, garage door openers, pretty much anything that requires a remote control or programming or has way too many buttons to be user-friendly! Thx so much for joining in the tag!!

  13. you know what - it came and went so quickly that I was stunned. But I couldn't then, and still now can not determine what else that flying light might have been...no messages or morse code or interaction of any sort. Just a bright object moving low and straight in the sky, then it poof, just vanished.

  14. Mission control...awesome. now, Let It Be will be in my head all day long. I like Raisin Chronicles and I'll have to check out the otheres.

  15. You worked at Mission Control but you are a technophobe......there has to be a backstory there somewhere. Did you crash a satalite into a veteranary clinic full of kittens or something???