05 January 2010


True confession time. I’m a fugitive. Well, not quite yet. Truth is I have not yet been discovered for the scoundrel that I am. And if any Texas law enforcement officers should come knocking on my door after reading this tell-all confession, I will surely try to hide behind my dog, Jackie. Who is 14. And can barely stand up.

The back story: between the time that I was closing the real estate transaction on my old house and moving into this new house, I was living in a state of suspension. My belongings were packed up, but I did not have access to them. Day to day life proceeded, but I was just not grounded. Time was swishing by, almost on fast forward. By the time that we moved at the end of October, I had lived in this manner for about three months. The habits of managing some of the things in my own life had ceased, slipping unnoticed through the cracks. Things like updating the address on my automobile registration.

I was expecting a letter in the mail to renew my license plate. But of course it didn’t come. The sticker on my window says 11-09. That would be overdue. In December, I thought I might have a little spare time to drop by the appropriate government office to figure out what I needed to do about my tiny oversight. But, turned out that spare time was just a figment of my overactive imagination.

Yesterday I was studying that little sticker in my window as I drove to work. I’m hyper nervous that some eagle-eye big-brother radar instrument will spot me and I’ll be facing a fine the size of the state of Rhode Island. Which I can nary afford.

Then it dawned on me. That sticker is for my car inspection, not the license. Easy to remedy. Immediately. Tomorrow. Lunch hour, if not sooner.

Guilty as charged, of plain ordinary stupidity.


  1. I get so confused by all this crap too. Car registration, inspection, license renewal... and now MA does not send out renewals; you just must somehow remember...AAAH!
    I won't turn you in; just don't me in either.

  2. Am always afraid that will happen to me...I try to keep the date embedded in my brain! Hope you don't get caught. It happened to my friend and all she had to do was take hernew inspection paper to court to have it dismissed.

  3. I would call it an oversight...not stupidity.

  4. Wow...shades of Bonnie an Clyde racing across Texas with the Federal Marshalls hot on your tail......what a rebel.

  5. Thanks - I'm just slightly embarrassed that for the last month or so I've been stressing out over an expired license plate, when all along it was just my auto inspection that needed to be renewed. Both stickers are side by side & after being a driver for 235 years, I still can't tell them apart!

  6. Diane at the DMV!?!?!? There has to be a story there...

  7. I totally hate having to take care of details like that. Soooo crazy when there's so many other important things in life to dwell on. Sounds like it's all taken care of now...until next year!