08 January 2010

Please stand by

Please stand by. Your regularly scheduled winter will resume in a moment.

Yeah, I know we haven’t gotten much (ok, any) real effects of winter here in the Texas gulf coast, but you know why? Because it’s the Texas gulf coast, southern latitudes. Even in winter, the weather is relatively mild.

It has not eclipsed my awareness that some parts of the country have been enduring suffering from severe winter weather conditions and the extent of the arctic front’s reach into this portion of the map is essentially just a dip in temperature. Granted it dipped into the twenties, cold enough to damage the tropical plants that so many of us have adorning the landscape, but no precipitation, no shoveling, no sand or salt, no widespread power outages. All in all, it’s good to be in Texas right now.

Still, this is not our regularly scheduled winter.

Usually, winter gets revved up near mid-to-late January with some gloomy, rainy windy cold. After 4 weeks of Texas-style winter, the migrating robins pop up in our yards to bring glad news. And by the end of February it will all be a memory.


  1. Diane, what is winter in Texas? Humid and mid 60's? =P

  2. In the Houston-Galveston area, it can range from the 40s - 60s. Colder in North, Central and West TX. It's a darn big state. Gulf coastal areas have milder climates in winter, not too humid. Summer's a killer though.
    You get any rest yet??

  3. Lucky. Altho temps in the 20's cannot be fun when you're used to so much better! How can we live vicariously thru you if you're cold too?