28 March 2010

Earth hour

I had forgotten about Earth Hour approaching. We had been out completing an errand and when we arrived home around 7pm I made a few candle lanterns to hang outdoors in the trees. It was a simple process with a nice visual effect. We sat indoors at the kitchen table with the flickering glow beyond giving us a calming lift to our spirits. I experimented with the candlelight setting on my camera, then suddenly at 8:15, remembered Earth hour.

Cristy hurriedly prepared salads for dinner and boiled water in the kettle for tea. I gathered a dozen or so votive candle holders and tea lights and placed them in small groupings, hoping that the candle glow would give us sufficient light that we would not feel compelled to abandon the Earth hour project.

We ate our dinner and talked. Sat peacefully in the candlelight past 9:30.

I don’t remember now what roused us from the kitchen table. It was probably the requirement to tend to the needs of one of the dogs, but at shortly after 10pm, we returned to life by electric lights. Washed the dishes, washed and put away the votive holders, and washed our faces in preparation for bed.

The simplicity of sharing conversation by candlelight was lovely.


  1. I love your candle lanterns! And you know, when we make the leap of going without power, we see that the power is returned to us. Really, I know that nothing can be more comforting that candles and no idiot box (tv).

  2. Gorgeous, I love candlelight. It is somehow more confiding to chat without harsh glare, the lights look lovely

  3. I love the lanterns too and had to stop myself from tossing out salsa and spaghetti sauce in the refrigerator to confiscate the jars just to make a couple more. But I am seriously on the lookout for more jars. I have a feeling we'll be enjoying these lanterns all summer.

  4. The most vivid memories of my childhood where in the Dakota, during winter blizzards, when the power went out and night descended. We all huddled in blankets by candle light and played Board Games.....I recall those times so much more vividly than all the other time when I was doing what I thought was fun.