25 March 2010


I subscribe to an industry newsfeed and some days I’ll click on the embedded article and read it. One day last December, the article title grabbed my attention: 10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks. With mounting trepidation, I clicked and braced myself to read the harsh facts.

I pondered this realization, along with a few similar articles that came my way through the months of January and February. I considered taking the blog private to rid myself of the shame and embarrassment of having such a sucky blog.

But I haven’t yet done that. Still treating it like the journal I always intended it to be, and still posting when I’m inspired and have the time.

And then joy of joys, last week two fabulously creative and inspired bloggers shared some blog love with me in the form of an award. I love me a little bling, so these sparkly awards are just what the doctor ordered to banish that suckiness.

These two bloggers truly inspire me. Fullet, an artist and writer with an enormous depth of creative energy, first captured my attention when he wrote about the curiously amazing Christmas tradition in Catalonia surrounding the Tió, a sort of yule log. I was hooked. But when he started his second blog and posted an animated clip of one of his own collages, I became a devoted fan. I must have watched that clip a dozen times. Please click over to his two blogs to fill your morning coffee mug with delightful inspiration: Secret Forest and Collage Drawer.

Suzicate, a blogger, poet and quilting artist tells stories in a pure voice. Her writing style is so startlingly personal that it almost seems I can hear her narrating in my head, although I have never before heard her voice. Sometimes that voice is chattering and laughing, and sometimes it is nearly trembling with emotion. Besides being a prolific writer, she is a dedicated reader of literally dozens of blogs. Suzicate’s wonderful blog is The Water Witch's Daugher.

I am grateful that Fullet and Suzicate find the time to click over to my blog now and then. Thank you both for your internet friendship and for reminding me that my blog doesn’t really suck.

And now, the awards. Just like opening presents, one of my favorite things.

The Happy Blog Award, from Fullet, comes with a request to list 10 things that make me happy:

1. a sunny day
2. coffee in the morning
3. my animal companions
4. my human companion, Cristy
5. pretty shoes
6. shiny objects (pretty things of all sorts)
7. prayer
8. creative pursuits
9. the seashore
10. other people’s smiles.

And in appreciation, I am glad to share the Happy Blog award with a few blogs that always make me happy too.
Gropius vs. Eddie, a fabulous portrayal of life in words and photographs
IslandRoar, a collection of insightful, clever and amusing reflections
The Art of Chrissy Marie, a sweet celebration of nature, photography and art.

The Golden Award is from Suzicate and I am inspired to share this with a blogger who writes from her heart: Stephanie at Chocolate and Whine.
And finally, just because I feel like it, I'm picking up the Circle of Friendship award from Suzicate too. Blogging is more fun when you share, so if you are reading and would like to take this nice award, please do!

In light of this heavenly avalanche of bloggy sweetness, I think I just might trash those 10 reasons about my blog sucking. I'll bet that guy (Edward Khoo) has never even read my blog. But y'all have. And I so LOVE you! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment now and then.


  1. You made me flush :) ! It is so nice from you, Dex, you are most welcome.
    Every now and then I hear terrible things against bogs, but it has nothing to do with my experience as a blogger. I think that the post by Khoo and similars are a sort of theory, but then there is the amazing practice: bloggers have made me think, made me gifts... I can interact with them instead of watching TV, which is what I used to do in my spare time before creating a blog... And, best of all, bloggers choose to write and share their writings: it has me completely fascinated, for it helps to break down walls and get rid of prejudices. Your writings are really inspiring, thank you!

  2. Aw, thank you so much. You know I love your blog; it definitely makes me happy!
    Love your list.

  3. Congrats on your awards!

    And hey, I clicked over on that link you left and read the Edward Khoo post, and I have only one thing to say about his advice on what makes a good blog....Mr. Khoo's last name should be POO - HA! I totally disagreed on almost everything he said. So, keep on blogging the way you're blogging. I agree whole heartedly with Secret Forest's comment.

    And isn't Suziecate the BEST? I'm so glad to have crossed blog paths with her.

  4. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognitions, and thank you, so much, for your sweet words about Gropius! I will devour the 10 Reasons Your Blog Sucks article--before even opening it, I'm sure it discusses why postings should never be the length I am sometimes guilty of... Ahhh.... Wishing you happiness on this beautiful upcoming weekend. Love, Susie

  5. Your blog absolutely does NOT suck...I don't read sucky blogs! Thanks for the wonderful shoutout. I love that you picked Gropius and Maureen. They are awesome. I look forward to checking out your other recipients! Glad you picked up the circle of friendship, you were one of the ones I hoped would grab it. I hope all Iread regularly know they are part of the cirlce. Now I am off to read the ten reason your blog sucks and get depressed!

  6. one would think i would at least rank over the dogs... i don't expect to over coffee or sunny days, but dogs? come on... LY

  7. What a great list of happy things! The people that write about blogs sucking are usually "journalists" and they don't like us because we're more fun!

  8. Your blog does not suck at all!!!! I've been a fan since I first read it. I don't even remember how I found it but the first time I read it I felt like we had something in common or I could at least relate to you in some way. Like if I met you at work or something we would easily become friends. Or maybe it's just your love of shoes...I love them too!
    It's not easy to get me to do anything consistently (as I've proven with my recent online hiatus), but there are only two blogs (yours and Cathey's) that I come close to reading consistently. What I like most about your blog is that it is honest. No hidden agenda or motive, just glimpses of your days and life.

    Thank you for sharing and congratulations!

    p.s. I've been a bad blogger for a couple of months but I'm back now.