31 December 2009

2009 awesomeness

In the words of the dearly departed Bob Hope, thanks for the memories. Here is a smattering of fave reflections from this year:

Taking the plunge into new technology. Last winter I purchased a compact point & shoot digital camera and love it. My little Samsung performs like a champ and has reacquainted me with my secret passion for captured images. Plus, it has inspired me to move onto greater challenges in 2010.

Easter Sunday. It was sunny, warm, beautiful weather. We were chillin’ poolside with our respective Easter baskets full of chocolate. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Shocking silliness. Sometimes the most shocking thing reconstructs itself into the funniest memory ever. That’s sort of what happened one seemingly innocent August morning as we were drinking coffee on the balcony. An unexpected, singular event has now become a source of endless amusement.

Caffeine fix. Cristy took the enlightened initiative to get separate coffee makers and glory hallelujah, this tiny bit of individualism expressed through separate coffee makers has made morning life unbelievably spectacular for us both. Two auto-program brew times + two coffee preferences = two extremely happy coffee drinkers.

Mailbox key. Having access to a mailbox is the crowning glory of moving to a new address. As much as the U. S. Postal Service would like for us to believe their slogan we deliver for you, it’s more like, we deliver when it’s convenient for us. Took 2 months to get a mailbox key, but oh joy, it feels so good having one now!

Sprinklers. Our little ten-pound alpha dog has a fascination with the garden hose. She loves the sprayer attachment and her antics with the water are hysterically funny. All summer long it sent us into fits of laughter every time we watered the plants.

Craigslist. My foray into the fabulous world of Craigslist started with disposing of a few bulky, unneeded items via “free stuff.” That went smoothly, so I purchased a couple of second-hand side tables for $20 (only one of which has been refinished, but it is so cute!). Then Cristy located the ultimate prize: a ginormous dining table from someone who acquired it from JP Morgan Chase where it was once-upon-a-time a workaday conference table. Suits us perfectly.

These things, my good friends, are 2009 awesomeness.


  1. This world would not be cool without silliness. I'm so grateful when I can enjoy it and see others forgetting their guard to enjoy a bit of uncontrolled laughter or unguarded enjoyment. Flanders is a big lover of splashing water too. She will attack the hose to the point where both she and everyone around her are soaking and splattered. I've decided a Craigslist bike is in order for 2010. It's unbelievable what great stuff is out there on CL.

    Wishing you silliness, more great photos, plenty of coffee and many good things in this New Year!

  2. Happy New Year!! I hope 2010 brings even more awesomeness!

  3. These are enjoyable experiences. Have a happy new year, Poindexter!

  4. Beware....Craigslist is the new eBay.......(and god forbid you discover Freecycle.....ow, damn, I shouldn't have typed that!)