28 December 2009

Twilight 2009

Looking forward to the opening of another year seems to encourage a look back, a reflection on the moments of struggle, growth, accomplishment, sorrow and happiness. Annually charting the milestones, a mental scrapbook of sorts.

In the past year, there were some goodbyes. A colleague died. An animal companion died. I sold a house. I let go of some expectations I had associated with a friendship whose complexion was changing.

I persevered through fear and uncertainty. I faced a few personal conflicts through which I attempted to navigate with honesty and intention. This is not so easy for me because I prefer to hide from conflict. There is still plenty of room for improvement, but I acknowledge my attempts at moving in the right direction.

I explored a new creative outlet this year with this blog and its companion photo blog. And it has enriched my life in ways that I would not have imagined before. In the beginning, I only focused on writing my own thoughts, musings. But soon I began reading others’ blogs and found a world of inspiration. I am ever so thankful for the clever, insightful reflections I now read on a daily basis.

As we approach the final hours in the twilight of this year, it will be satisfying to softly close the back cover. And it will be invigorating to open the new book, full of brightly shining empty pages. Filling the pages with love, with intention, with compassion, with fun, with courage, with inspiration, is the work of my life.


  1. Nice reflection...I'm someone who is quite resistant to change and really we all grow and change daily ever so slowly without realizing it until we reflect on what once was our lives.

  2. I really like that you recognize partial successes and moves in the right direction. It annoys me when people say, smugly, "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" because, one path to Hell may certainly be lined with good plans poorly executed, I think the freeway is paved with bad intentions, laziness and no plans whatsoever!

  3. A beautiful reflection. Uncertainty can be so afirming but it can be so scary too. We never really know what's around each corner. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts & experiences and have a great feeling that this will be a special year for you and all of the blogging buddies out there spreading joy and connectedness.