02 December 2009


Several years ago I spent part of my time volunteering in a local public high school. It was a very illuminating experience. The high school is nestled in my old neighborhood, the Houston Heights and is surrounded on all sides by pretty freaking nice residences. The property tax base in this area is not hurting the school district by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyway, one morning I found a parking place about 4 blocks away and got out of my car. One of the homeowners that supplied the shaded spot for my car that morning was outdoors, so we said hello. She inquired about my car, it was an older Volvo. Apparently she found a hubcap in her yard (or something, don’t quite remember) and thought that it might fit my car. It didn’t fit hers. She pulled it out of her trunk and was overjoyed to discover that it was exactly the right size for my car. I graciously accepted this gift, nevermind that I was not in need of a hubcap. But you never know, right?

Which brings me to today. I was reading an essay by an inspired blogger over at Love Letters by Cora where she mentioned a restaurant that served food on hubcaps. It reminded me of that old hubcap.

Whatever became of it, you might ask.

Well, that is another story. It turned out that not so long after acquiring the hubcap, I happened to stop into a Mexican restaurant for lunch with my (former) husband. As we were walking through the parking lot, we spied an older model Volvo that was missing a hubcap. Volvos just look awful if they don’t have the proper wheel covers. Its wheel size was IDENTICAL to mine, so I popped open my trunk and retrieved the item. Ten seconds later, that sorry Volvo was looking just splendid once more.

Sometimes re-gifting is not such a bad thing. Happy endings all around.


  1. Ohhhhh, what a cute story! Can you imagine what the car's owner must have felt when he/she came out to find that a hubcap had magically appeared on the car like that? You were their little angel of kindness that day! I love it! :-)

  2. you're so much sweeter than me! I had imagined that this guy's wife had been nagging him for weeks, months even, to get that hubcap replaced and he always had a world of excuses. So when the magic hubcap appeared from nowhere, he was able to redeem himself with his wife, recount an endless list of imaginary places that he had to visit to locate said hubcap (insert sorrowful violin music), and then rake in the bonus points from wife, to be redeemed at a later time.