17 December 2009

Ghosts of dinner tables past

I have not always been sentimental, but I’m noticing this change as I get older. This year, my holiday serving table will be decorated with an assortment of items that have some history but work together, bonded by a prevalent color of either red or white.

I’m bringing out three luncheon plates that belonged to my grandmother for serving breads and breakfast burritos. Their pretty red and white pattern is reminiscent of a weekend at grandma’s but still festive and fresh. I’m tumbling a large helping of little apples into a tall clear glass vase with an origami star made from white ribbon nestled on top. I learned how to make these pretty stars from a neighbor that lived next door many years ago.

Next to that is a champagne flute filled with white sea glass, adorned by a few pellets of dark red sea glass. Cristy loves sea glass and the champagne flute was a gift from my sister in law when she and my brother first got married.

There are two small dark red glass dessert plates for sweets, and dotted amidst this grouping are teacups that go with the luncheon plates. One is chipped, but I still love them. I added small white and silver glass ornaments and shiny red ribbon to fill the cups with holiday glam.

Finally, I’ll bring out my old, favorite red and green tartan napkins, an assortment of glassware, cups and dining plates and hope my friends enjoy the food.


  1. The joys of the holiday. Plates from breakfast burritos? That must have sentimental value... ummm.. yummy.



  2. Your table sounds lovely. I've always admired women (people, actually) who can put together an elegant table.

  3. It all sounds stunning. Where does one find red sea glass?
    And the vase with the apples and ribbon star? Sounds like Martha Stewart can go eat her heart out!

  4. Sounds festive and elegant. Bon appetite!

  5. Sounds beautiful! And creative. And inspiring. Thank you for the great ideas. Love the carnations.