24 December 2009

Brain fade

I need to take up crosswords. I’ve heard that working puzzles can be beneficial to your brain, help to slow the effects of aging, like forgetfulness. This is something that has started to plague me more and more recently. Unless I follow a prescribed pattern of behavior or a written list of activities that I can cross off, one by one, I am likely to forget something.

Here are some recent examples, all within the past week. Coincidence? Or a pattern of premature senior moments masquerading as brain fade?

Misplaced driver’s license. Not the first time in my life I’ve lost one, but this time it simply vanished from my possession. All by itself. Nothing else from my purse is gone. I had to spend over two hours at the DPS office the other day to apply for a replacement. That was some fun.

Misplaced purse. Today I had to enlist the assistance of three loved ones in search of my purse. It was sort of funny that when I announced I had lost track of it, I faced a smattering of questions: did I put it here, did I put it there? As if I knew the answer. Right. Turned out to be indoors, placed in an unfamiliar spot that was oddly camouflaged. Happy ending with very little aggravation. What a relief.

Medicine dosage mishap. This is usually not a problem. Taking prescribed medicine is habitual. But being away from home sort of disrupts those home-based habits. Truth is, I cannot remember whether I took my daily dosage earlier or not. So I just took what might be second pill this evening. Or it might be the correct daily dose. Don’t know. Don't remember.

Better pass me that puzzle, quick!


  1. I truly suck at crossword puzzles but wish I was better at them. Lately, I have been forgetting all kinds of things, like names of neighbors and people who I don't see as often as I should but who nevertheless are a regular fixture in life. What in the world? Maybe it's the onslaught of a million triffles of detail we have to remember each day between work, home and other obligations? No matter what the cause, I'm with you, Alzheimer's and related degenerative brain wasting scares me to pieces! Gimme that puzzle!

  2. I used to do puzzles all the time...and haven't for at least four years, maybe that's my problem. I have been misplacing things like crazy. I searched the house for a month for one thing and misplaced another and while lloking for that I found item #1 stashed in a really odd place. So, I'm losing my mind right along with you. If you find yours, look closely, mine might be there, too. I'd welcome it back!

  3. I suppose I should 'fess up and add a fourth lost item to the list - misplaced my gloves today. Today, of all days, in the snowy wintry cold weather. Santa, please leave a memory upgrade for me under the tree?!!

  4. Merry Christmas Diane! Puzzles would help my vocab.. too bad i suck at it =/