16 December 2009

The other left

So we’re getting ready to go out the other night and I’m trying to decide which shoes to wear with my outfit. There are two choices – ankle boots or chunky mary janes. I ask Cristy and she says the boots.

I put them on, but they feel really awkward and tight, as if they don’t fit. So I stand up and look at my feet. That’s weird; the toes of the boots are sort of pointed out, like in the wrong direction. I start to wonder about this aloud; maybe the boots are defective or something. How could that have happened?

Then the harsh reality washes over me. I put them on the wrong feet. Duh.


  1. If it makes you feel better, I've done this with sneakers and didn't even notice. We all struggle sometimes. Haha

  2. It's funny that you had to think about it a while!!! LOL

  3. At least you noticed before you got out the door, right?

  4. They're tight? Your just breaking them in, no biggie =)