29 December 2009


I’ve been wearing gloves in the office for two days now. It’s freaking cold. Brrrr. And I’m sitting on a heating pad too. But that’s normal for this time of year. Gives me mild burns on my skin, but that is a lot more comfortable than freezing my tushie off every single day.

Back to the gloves.

They’re knitted woolen gloves and don’t really do a great job of keeping my fingers toasty warm. I have to sit on my hands every once in a while, place them next to the heating pad to transfer some quick warmth.

Sometimes I wish I could bring a dog to work to keep me warm. Seems to work when I sleep. They’re like little heaters. There I am huddled up all cold and then a teensy 10-pound dog snuggles in nearby. Before I know it, hot flash city. But we have this policy, a new policy apparently, that prohibits employees from bringing animals to work. Dogs, cats, mice, goldfish. Has something to do with laboratory animals. I’m teetering on a very slippery slope here: this is a place where science is conducted. I just accept it the way it is and go on about my own vegetarian business in the meantime.

So, you may be thinking, what is the point here? Well, nothing really. To borrow from other, far more brilliant bloggers, I’ll just chalk this up to Random Tuesday Thoughts.


  1. Are you a vegetarian? Me too. Wish we could bring pooches into work. It's been colder than a well-digger's ass at our office too, although things could be worse. It's still SW Florida.

  2. Random thoughts are great. Funny thing is we usually think our thoughts are off the wall, but usually others get what we're thinking. I hope you get warm soon!

  3. At least they're stylish though! Is the office being cheap with the heat? That rhymed unintentionally =).