13 December 2009

Royal silliness

Holiday season brings with it a certain amount of pageantry and performances by our local schools. Last night I was invited to attend a dinner theater, of sorts, produced by Cristy’s nephew’s high school choral madrigal ensemble. The students were adorned in brilliant period costumes and had transformed their school into a medieval banquet hall complete with scullery-maid servants, a royal court, a narrator-jester and a well-choreographed duel of which Erol Flynn would have been most proud.

Amidst the madrigal music performances was a complete dinner service for the audience, primarily parents and family. In return for the meal, the audience good-naturedly participated in some requisite silliness. Namely, acting out the holiday classic 12 Days of Christmas.

Of the 12 tables of guests, each table acted out one of the gifts described in the song. With two student facilitators per table encouraging us to free our imaginations and give in to the overall craziness, we were also told that a “prize” would be awarded to the funniest table.

OK. Adults are not much likely to indulge in this kind of child’s play on an average Saturday night without so much as a spiked wassail to soften inhibitions, but attach an incentive on the other side and all the type-A personalities begin emerging. Granted, the prize was undefined at this point, but with each verse of the song, the competitive spirit in the room escalated.

Of course, our table won. We were not surprised because by this time we had completely locked in on the goal: to WIN THE PRIZE. And the prize, as we learned, happened to be the honor of wearing paper crowns for the remainder of the evening. Obnoxious glittery purple paper crowns that more resembled dunce hats than trappings of royalty. The student “king” bestowed our reward with gestures of grandeur and we returned to our table almost (dare I admit it?) gloating. No matter that the prize was perhaps even more humiliating than the contest. We won it. Which is also the same as: everyone else lost. Hahahahahaha.

Sadly, we left behind our crowns upon departing. It was the closest I will ever get to hanging out with the royals.


  1. That's pretty funny! I'm glad you won!

  2. How fun! Sometimes we adults need to "let down our hair" and live a little!

  3. the sweet revenge from our neighboring tables was that they got photos of us wearing the ridiculous crowns - undoubtedly to be appearing soon in facebook.

  4. All you have to do is say the word "competition" and I'm game. I've brought out my skillz for prizes big and small. I think it's more the thrill of competing that gets my blood moving. :-)

  5. More pictures please! Cannot leave your crown behind, unless your giving up your throne!



  6. Very cool. "Funny" should always be the criteria for prizes! And I love the crown. It reminds me of the crowns Burger King used to give to kids.