29 September 2009

Closing a chapter

Tomorrow I will sell my house. I am going to visit the house this evening after work for the last time to pick up the final trickle of random items: a box, 2 sculptures, a platter, a pincushion and some wrapping paper. But while I am there, I will sit on the porch swing for a while and think about leaving this house, in the larger sense.

For the past 16 years, that house has been one of the constants in my world. I have grown into the person I am at this moment by living through the experiences that unfolded there. I will humbly acknowledge and honor the experiences. And I will close the chapter.

I will also take a moment to leave behind a fragment of positive energy for those that will come after me. In my mind, it will sound something like this:

Welcome to your home. I wish I could tell you how many people have lived here before, but I cannot; this house has been standing for almost 90 years. What I can tell you is how much I have loved living in this cozy bungalow. These walls are heavy with sweet memories of delicious meals, lazy summer evenings, heart-to-heart talks, and playful surprises. I experienced some personal trials in this house and shed more than a few tears, but the cheerful windows always drew my attention away from my sorrows to remind me that the world was waiting for me to join in again.

I like to think that this house, your home, has a special blend of energy to share with those of us who have spent part of our lives here. Through our human experiences, we contribute to this magical energy bank and perhaps receive some of the magic ourselves from time to time.

I hope that your days and nights will be enriched with laughter and love and the spirit of this house will echo the joyful music of your lives.

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