13 September 2009

Love, phobia and a good omen

Last night as I was assembling an electronic album of our Port Aransas photos, I reflected upon a few elements of our lives and the amazing stroke of good fortune that arrived in the very last minutes of our trip.

The trip started amid a flurry of activity, enhanced with undercurrents of stress. The evening prior to our departure, Cristy and I signed and submitted a new contract to purchase a wonderful house. Although there was a verbal agreement between the parties, at the time of our departure, we had not received word that the sellers had signed the document we submitted.

Peripherally, I am aware that one of my character defects involves the way that I allow stress to consume my life, expanding in my head and overshadowing my attention to other day-to-day activities like listening to my telephone messages. In stressful times, I completely neglect to retrieve messages; I succumb to my phobias. Looking at it from a distance, I realize that this behavioral tactic is incredibly counter productive. As I said before, it is a character flaw, and one that I need to remedy.

On the other end of the linear scale, the depth of the love I share with Cristy has perhaps never been quite so profound as during this time together. With our outings limited by inclement weather, our attention turned to smaller observations: turtles in the retaining pond, hummingbirds flitting among the black-eyed susans in the nearby field, birds nestled atop neighboring roofs, researching the life-cycle of coquina clams, and most importantly, telling each other that our love has become a vital component of our individual lives, an essential fuel that fills our daily life with peace and joy.

We expressed our feelings for each other in the here and now, discussed our future plans for a marriage ceremony, and capped it off with an amazing shopping experience. Gorgeous stemware and dessert plates for a steal at a local designer boutique. In my opinion, stumbling upon a clearance sale at that lovely shop by mere chance was a good omen.

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