09 September 2009

Good omens

Morning activity has begun, some of the inhabitants of this household are awake at 5:28. The coffee is brewing and already is filling the air with that delicious sweet smell. I like the yummy sweet flavored variety. Cristy calls it “jelly coffee” but I like it anyway.

After all the dogs have their breakfast, they generally need to make a trip to the backyard. I usually escort Jackie outside. He is old and suffers from a variety of phobias; having an escort helps to keep things moving. The morning sky was still dark and had a thin, shining white layer of clouds. But the most startling thing was the large halo around the moon. White, expanding to pale yellow, ringed with a narrow band of dark orange. I thought it was a good omen.

No one in my recent ancestry, to the best of my knowledge, believed in omens, so I have no particular knowledge that my hunches regarding omens mean anything at all. I simply choose to believe that when I see something spectacular, or merely wonderful in nature, that it signifies something positive.

On Monday morning, two days ago, I made the trek over to my house to take care of some chores. The house was listed again and I had received two offers with a verbal promise of a third to be submitted, all within just a couple of days. Things were moving much more rapidly than I had expected. But the fact remained that Cristy and I had released the house we loved. We had been told, from the sellers themselves, that another couple was “waiting in the wings” to purchase their house in the event that our contract fell through. And it did. Consequently, we had no reason not to believe that this other couple would not have immediately signed a contract to purchase that lovely home.

But on Monday, after picking up some stray palm branches in the front yard and walking up the steps to the door, something caught my eye and I paused. It was a hummingbird. The smallest flash of ruby. The tiny bird lighted on a jasmine vine and stopped for a time. It seemed like a full minute. I didn’t move and before long noticed a companion hummingbird nearby, also resting in the jasmine. They both soon darted away, but my brain had already labeled it a good omen. I just didn’t say it out loud to myself or anyone else.

On Tuesday, I completed negotiations for the sale of my house, much more easily and expeditiously than I thought possible and had a signed contract by 2:30pm. Cristy called me shortly after 5 as I was preparing to leave the office.

She had spoken with our realtor and requested that she inquire about the status of our beloved “lost” house. It seemed that all hope was not lost. By 6:30pm, we had a verbal agreement for new purchase terms and by 7pm I was doing the happy dance. We signed contracts a couple of hours later and sent them back to our realtor.

Today, on this day of the halo morning moon, we will have a contract, signed by both sets of parties, to again, purchase the house that we loved from the moment we first walked inside. For a few dark days, our hopes vanished and then, like magic, foretold by the good omens of nature, the tumblers started falling into place.

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  1. ...and, one of my best friends received job offer. ...and, we are leaving on short vacation. ... and, we are going to see two great artist in which I LOVE... Sugarland (headliner) and MATT NATHANSON (AWESOME performer). ...and, we will be at the beach for 3 days. all is good with the world right now.