17 September 2009

Where's the Tide stick when you need it?

In the spirit of the coming transition to fall weather, I selected some grey pants and a pale, ballet-pink sweater to wear to work today. I love the sweater and have probably had it for at least 10 years. It is a fabulous garment and looks great paired with so many things. But sadly, today might be the last day I wear it. As I was driving to work, drinking coffee from a covered thermos cup, as is my custom, my coffee dripped right down the front of this beloved sweater.

So, yes, that was me in the ladies room at the office first thing this morning anxiously trying to address the stain as promptly as possible with soap and water. First attempt unsuccessful; the coffee stubbornly clings to the pink woven fibers. However, I am persistent and will not give up my sweater without a battle. I have lost garments before to stains I cannot conquer, but only reluctantly concede when no further remedies are in sight.

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