15 September 2009

Love by numbers

Part of my job involves telling stories with numbers. I am coming to appreciate economy in information; conveying a rich amount of information in a diagram, column or table. The concept of negative space, borrowed from art, also applies to numbers. To the extent that numerals convey meaning, the absence of numerals within the same context offers a more complete picture. In another art-inspired example, I often imagine an array of numerals as layers of color, similar to a paint by numbers picture. Each numeral, a code, represents a hue, and combined with the remaining hues (unique numerals) in the column, a picture emerges. Numerals are not just for mathematicians, they bring information into sharp focus. If we are imaginative enough, we can communicate with numbers in a beautiful way.

Cristy has an inspired relationship with numbers too. I have known her for more than a year, but I just learned this vital information about her recently. She is naturally very observant and is constantly adding up numbers in her head, particularly when she notices a sequence of numbers that are related to something of significance. She created a numerology methodology that demonstrates alignment between non-numeric entities (such as humans) by analyzing numeric properties associated with each. Her imaginative creativity is brilliant and the methodology itself is truly amazing!

We paint the story of our life and love, day by day, not only with language, touch, sound and objects, but also with numbers.

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